Have you ever wished you could sit down with a photographer and pick their brain on any topic you wanted? Now you can!

I bought a $500 camera on Amazon in June 2019.
That year, I photographed 3 weddings.
I photographed 5 weddings in 2020.
In 2021, I went full-time and photographed 16 weddings! In 2022, I photographed a total of 24 weddings!
& it's all up from here!

I worked hard to get to where I am today and I want to get you there too! I don’t know everything-I still learn everyday, BUT I’m an open book and willing to share everything I know and how I do things. Whether you’re looking to make the jump into the photography world, or wanting to learn the basics of your camera and learn to pose clients, a mentorship is a great hands-on way to learn!

Not a photographer but still want social media help? I have a mentorship for you too!

My previous job prior to being a photographer was social media + marketing director. I’ve personally managed and grown multiple accounts, created viral content and doubled engagement and interaction. Let me show you the tips and tricks to having great content.

Phone Call/
Facetime Session

$250 - 1 hour

This is a chance for those out of state to take advantage of my mentorship without the in-person experience. Ask me anything! I’m an open book and willing to share absolutely anything I know.

Social Media

$300 - 1 hour

This is open to any businesses and can be in person or a phone call! I freelance and have ran multiple accounts for local businesses. I will provide a social media audit of your social platforms and we will chat about your needs (gaining exposure, branding, growing your account, etc.).

1:1 Photography Session

$500 -3-4 hours

I know everyone will be at a different stage in their photography career so I tailor this to your needs. I’ll ask you to think through which areas of your business you want to work on and we’ll go through and chat about each one over a two hour lunch/dinner (on me). After that we will be photographing a subject of your choice (couples, portraits, family, etc) so you can learn how to prompt, pose and showcase real connection and emotion. Topics include, but are not limited to, photographing weddings, elopements, my workflow, social media, branding, camera settings, contracts, and more!

“I have admired Marissa works for years! The moment I realized I could learn from her, I ran and scheduled my mentor session. For 2 hours I got to ask all the questions I’ve had from 6 years of photography and boy did she help me tremendously. After we got to do a shoot together and I loved seeing how she flowed through a session. She was so nice & very informative. I’ve never felt so fulfilled after a mentorship! Learning from her was a dream come true!”

— Kelsey r.

“If you are looking for ways to grow as a photographer and allow yourself to stand out in the industry, Marissa is your girl! She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to marketing yourself and using your social media platform to your advantage. We started out chatting about things as broad as workflow and gear to where she stands throughout a wedding ceremony. We then headed out to meet clients and watch how she interacts with couples throughout the session. She is driven to keep up with the trends and always continuing to learn, as well as, passionate about connecting with her clients which shows in her creative work.”

— Whitney B.

“Marissa and I did a mentor session, and I got to sit and chat with her beforehand. I learned so much, I was able to ask anything and everything, and she had all of the answers. Shooting together was so much fun, it was so relaxed, I learned a lot, and it relieved a lot of my anxiety I was dealing with at the time. Marissa isn’t just a mentor, or a photographer, but she’s become a friend too! I know anytime I can reach out to her and she’s willing to help. I’m forever thankful for the experience and everything I learned."

— Zoee D.

"I was lucky enough to have Marissa mentor me and I cannot recommend her enough! She was patient and made sure to answer all my questions! No topics were off limits and I truly learned so much from her! Marissa is such a great mentor for those of all skill levels. I was so nervous beforehand but it was just like chatting with a friend! I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to learn from her"

— Illyssa C.

“I recently did a mentorship with Marissa & it will forever be the best thing I ever did to further my growth in photography. We got to talk beforehand about anything and everything I had questions about, and then we got to shoot together during a session she set up. As soon as we started shooting my anxiety completely went away & I felt so relaxed the whole time. Marissa is more than just a mentor, she’s an awesome friend to have and such a role model in this industry.”


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