February 4, 2022

Reagan + Jarrett’s Underwater Session

Couple Session

It was the end of August and I wanted to do another session with water but couldn’t quite put my finger on what exactly I wanted to do. I had done so many beach sessions and was getting burnt out, but then I thought, “I’ve never done a pool session.” Immediately I had to make it come together. But not just any pool session, an underwater pool session. I had never seen this done before and had no idea if my vision would come to life but it was worth a shot! I reached out to Reagan and Jarrett after seeing how comfortable they were in front of the camera and crossed my fingers that they would be available and interested. Once they were, I purchased a fish tank.

It wasn’t easy. I was holding down a 10 gallon fish tank with one hand, shooting with the other and making sure my camera didn’t touch an inch of water. I wasn’t able to move to look at the back of my camera so I had to shoot a ton and take a break to see if we had any keepers. It took over two hours and a lot of overshooting, but I was so happy with the results. Reagan + Jarrett were perfect for this! They are over the moon in love with each other and I swear half the time they didn’t even realize I was there. They were in their own element and I was snapping away!

Once I was done, I kept looking at the photos wondering if they were good enough. I had no idea what an underwater photo should look like or if people would like them. Photographs are evidence that we love, and I see so much love and joy in these. Photos are supposed to evoke some emotion in you, and to me, these do. They seem majestic, effortless, peaceful. I hope these speak to you like they do me.

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